Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Our Staff

How your work gets done

1.Situation Analysis
We examine your overall marketing situation.

Primary or secondary research is employed as appropriate to further define your position in the marketplace.

3.Strategic Marketing Plan
We establish objectives for your particular marketing situation. Strategies to achieve those objectives are formulated. A complete marketing plan is prepared.

Creative strategies are developed out of our marketing strategies. From these, creative work is executed, critiqued, tested, refined and finally presented to you for approval. That work is part of an integrated marketing communications plan we prepare - one which may include public relations, events and online communications in addition to advertising. Or it could very well exclude traditional advertising vehicles like print and television and stress instead elements like public relations or direct mail or interactive media.

Strategically sound marketing-driven creative is placed through our media department. Getting the message to the right target as strategically and cost-effectively as possible is our goal.

All work is judged, graded, critiqued for effectiveness through readership studies, ratings research, sales tracking or other research methods. Work is adjusted or modified if appropriate, or sustained or more aggressively pursued if dictated.

7.Capturing the very essence of your brand
We work to capture the very essence of your brand and build it so that it represents to your customers the best fit possible in the marketplace - both rationally and emotionally.

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