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Our Staff
PRESIDENT: Vici French
Vici French
There is a whole wide world of expertise in marketing, marketing research, marketing strategies, and advertising and public relations programs packed into her forty-plus years of work across the marketing communications spectrum. And that stretches from Norfolk and Virginia Beach to Memphis and Houston to Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Little wonder then that Vici has been recognized time and time again in so many ways: Who's Who Outstanding Young Woman in America (Memphis); Past Officer of American Women in Radio and Television; Past President and Chairperson of the Houston Association of Broadcasters; Outstanding Business Woman of the Year (Governors Pacesetter Award for Northeast Louisiana); Silver Medal Award (Ad Club of Northeast Louisiana) and recipient of the Rivertown Award of Excellence in recognition of the agency's stature in the business community in Ouachita Parish.

What all that says is that Vici has long been a strong and incisive leader - helping businesses grow, helping them reach their full potential. Isn't it time to put such expertise in your corner!
CONCEPT/COPY CZAR: Richard Fournet
Richard Fournet
From the bayous of Louisiana to the beaches of California. From Young & Rubicam to Foote, Cone & Belding. From global shops to boutique shops. From before faxes to after texting. From hot and spicy pizza to frozen boar semen. From General Electric to McGaw Labs. From outdoor lighting to spinal anesthesia trays. From the AAA to 5-star banks. From Sun-Maid Raisins to Kaiser Aluminum. From movie ads for MGM and Warner Brothers to movie voice-overs. From floor decals to websites. From CD and college professor to dancing virtuoso. He's a long-time ad guy all right - but he still thinks he's just starting out. And he's, ahem, ours.
Heath Poole
In a world where time is seldom your friend, where deadlines pop up like weeds on a summer day, where stress is usually a constant companion - meet Mr. Calm, Cool & Collected. And all the while, he's pulling down Addys, national Telly awards and other accolades by the hundreds (literally), working adroitly in all media - for over 15 years - on accounts from the likes of Skeeter boats to bariatric surgery and even finding time to run the Ad Club of Northeast Louisiana as president. Oh, and let's not forget he's also Dad to three boys, two of them twins! Grade A Class Act? Nothing less.
Hayley Hamblin
Ah, the esoteric world of website development. The design, the front end, the back end, the functionality – it’s all worthy of adjectives like that. Because a great site requires hard-edged skills and talent and some very individual, often uncommon, capabilities like fortitude, tenacity, patience – and plain old heart. Which, of course, describes Hayley, almost. Easy-going, pleasant to be around, soft-spoken are also words that need to be written next to her name. Along with such key programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Flash/Actionscript. Point is, she’s ready to get your website up and running – with great design, great functionality and a big gold star.
Kristy Statham
Monster Mantis cranes at the South Pole. Nurse-patient ratio in hospital care. Personal and commercial banking. Nursing homes and birthing centers. Eye care - it's all in a day's work. Consulting with clients. Working out marketing strategies, plans and budgets. Following up on projects, starting new ones. Kristy does it all and does it all very well, thank you. But she's been there before, hailing from an ad agency in Texas. So she's quick on her feet and can tackle the toughest jobs, wrapping them up, with a bow, on time and on budget. Two youngsters - both boys - we must acknowledge, have probably fostered some of that deftness.
Erin French
Erin has worked on some larger stages - Nashville and New Orleans - on accounts like Bridgestone and Firestone. Now back in her hometown of Monroe, she continues the pace, spending a majority of her time managing the myriad details of an ever-growing Johnny's Pizza franchisee division. In-store menu boards, restaurant grand openings, radio spots for this town, a direct mail campaign for that city, budget changes for this restaurant, a digital sign for that one. It's all on Erin's everyday events calendar. Along with the particular demands of a handful of other accounts - and a seemingly endless flow of jobs for our InPrint Design advertising specialties division. Think that's enough to keep you busy? Oh, yeah. But that's fine. Erin can handle it.
MEDIA BUYER: Becky Marshall
Becky Marshall
How to get your advertising message out to customers or clients with the right media vehicles to get the most impact with the dollars available - that's a real challenge. And one that Becky is always ready to handle. The planning, the buying, the fee negotiation, the post analysis. She does it all. With over 23 years' experience in media and advertising sales and FCG technology, she makes sure the marketing-driven creative we produce is delivered with maximum impact for your dollar. From regional or national outdoor, broadcast or newspaper to posters in malls in a distant state to digital and social media, she's right there on top of every job. And with her long years in the business, that's where she's used to being.
Susan Robley
Every job that’s birthed here at FCG has all kinds of timelines and costs tied to it. And guess whose job it is to work with our account people and creative people and our vendors on estimates and pricing, and on completion and delivery dates? That’s right, Susan. She helps us run a tight ship, so we can produce great work, from print through social media, in a timely, cost-conscious way for our clients. Susan has years of experience in a variety of industries and functions from manufacturing and interior design to insurance and civil engineering, including traffic and production manager in this very world of advertising. Plenty reasons enough then for you to know that as a client your work . . . will . . . get . . . done. Right.
ACCOUNTANT: Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins
Keeping an ad agency on firm footing calls for a lot of key players, each tops in their own domain. But when all is said and done, it's the bottom line that best summarizes the whole story. To make sure all those accounting and bookkeeping duties are accurate and up-to-date, you need someone who can handle them all with real efficiency every minute of every day. With Ryan, FCG has just that - long years of experience, plus the added advantage of the perspective of an Army officer (first lieutenant). A literal take-charge-of-the-numbers kind of professional, all crisp, starched and on target. So do we have a tight ship here at FCG - on your account and ours? Yes, sir!
Christy White
The work has to be at the client Monday by nine-thirty. Put that job on the FTP site. Dubs have to go out today by three. Radio scripts need approval by end-of-day. Estimates on that job are due Thursday noon. Open these nine new jobs, close out these three completed jobs. Set up these new timelines. Make sure the Creative Services people and the Account Services people are on top of all their jobs as those jobs go from here to there and from there to here and back. Doing all this and more, as you may have guessed, takes the mindset of an air traffic controller and the tough skin of an old door-to-door flour salesman. Yes, it’s often busy as Times Square here but congestion? Naw. As the saying goes, we’re moving right along! Thanks, Christy.
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