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CLIENT: Dr. Timothy Mickel
OBJECTIVE: Promote Dr. Timothy Mickel by positioning him as the plastic surgeon in Northeast Louisiana.

TARGET: Prospective patients.

TACTICS: Create b&w TV spots and supporting b&w print ad to present Dr. Mickel as the plastic surgeon with the facts, the expertise and the experience – as the plastic surgeon in Northeast Louisiana.
Timothy Mickel
Timothy Mickel

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CLIENT: Specialty Hospital of Winnfield
OBJECTIVE: Spell out the differences this hospital offers the area's target audience.

TARGET: Patients needing long-term and rehabilitative care.

TACTICS: Produce TV spot promoting facility's points of difference. Use newspaper print ads to complement effort.
Specialty Hospital of Winnfield - Click to view larger

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CLIENT: Chateau Terrebonne
OBJECTIVE: Promote this nursing home's key features - the lovely, up-scale rooms and setting, the quality care, the professional services, the personal attention.

TARGET: Older demographic.

TACTICS: Produce TV spot highlighting main selling points. Support effort with newspaper print ads.
Chateau Terrebone - Click to view larger

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CLIENT: Wellness
OBJECTIVE: Revitalize this health and fitness center.

TARGET: Health and fitness enthusiasts.

TACTICS: Redesign logo. Create supportive internal wall art. Produce special promotion print ads.
CLIENT: Red Cross
OBJECTIVE: Promote annual fundraiser.

TARGET: General public.

TACTICS: Create campaign around "Mash Bash" theme with limited budget, using direct mail, print ads, posters and T-shirts.
CLIENT: Sol's Pipe and Steel
OBJECTIVE: Promote this steel-pipe manufacturer's new product line and capability, and the opening of its new division.

TARGET: Structural engineering projects' markets.

TACTICS: Produce multimedia campaign including direct mail (an oversized tube, poster, invitation to grand opening of division and reply card), and a DVD and brochure as a follow-up to respondents. A Web site was also created to showcase total company capability. A publicity campaign before and after the opening was launched, garnering front-page coverage. The agency also planned and coordinated the grand opening event.
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